Sunday, July 31, 2011

lessons in free motion quilting

My wonderful mother is letting my use her Vikking Ruby sewing/embroidering machine.  It is a WHOLE lot different than the little Janome that I was using in Korea.  One thing that I really wanted to try was free motion quilting.  I had been reading and seeing a lot about it online and wanted to give it a try.  A few weeks ago I picked up some fall fabrics by Robert Kaufman (the Nutmeg Collection)  They Are just beautiful!  I decided to make a couple of table runners out of them, then quilt those.


This is the first one I made.  For the quilting, I just went around each of the leaves.  This was a really quick project.  I still need to bind it.


For this one, I went around each of the leaves and stars.  That looked ok, but I wanted to leaves to really pop.  So, I did some stippling (sp?) in the area between the leaves.  I REALLY like the effect.  Overall, this one is my favorite.  I am thinking about making some of these using winter fabric and giving them as Christmas gifts.

I'm not sure if you can see the details, I'll try to get a better picture soon.


  1. Love your table runners! Do you have instructions for them? I still have to attempt free motion quilting also. A bit intimidated.


  2. Laura, I used my mother's Go fabric cutter, then fiddled around with it until I got the pattern I liked. I'll try to write some some directions soon. As for the free motion quilting, I spent about 30 min. practicing on some scraps to get the feel for it. I may do that the next few times as well, until the movements feel more natural. Good Luck!