Monday, May 2, 2011

First Baby Doll Outfit

My favorite girl in pre-k (there is only one, lol) brought her baby doll to school the other day.  I thought it would be a perfect chance for me to try make some doll clothes.  I've never had the chance because I don't have any little nieces.  I found the perfect little dress tutorial on theblueberrymoon blog.  I had to lengthen it about 2-3 inches.  I got the diaper pattern from this post.  I am so happy with them!  The best thing is that they will fit a fat little baby doll or a doll about the size of American Girls. was super easy!


  1. oh my goodness - those little tiny clothes are precious! :)

  2. So, Sew cute!!!!! I love what you did with the pattern!!!