Friday, May 6, 2011

It's My Birthday!

Today we celebrated my birthday at school.  I have a few photos from the day to share.

 My card from Gerald.  He knew I was making him a turtle.  See how he is telling me to take my time.  I think I may have to have this framed and hang it in my sewing room.  His mom told me that he had to use the word "excellent" because "good"  was a "tired word".  I tell them that in class.  I'm glad he's listening.  LOL.

 Notice the two needles on each side of me.  Apparently I was dropping them.  LOL.

 Here is a gift from some sisters that I teach/taught.  One is in first grade now and the other I taught 2 years ago and is in my sewing club.  They both worked on this punch quilt for me.  Such a wonderful keepsake!

 Some beautiful flowers from another student.

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